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Sports Massage

What is Sports Massage?

What is it?

Sports Massage stretches, relaxes and tones the muscles keeping them in optimal condition.

By working the deep fibres of the muscle tissue problem areas can be identified and treated before they lead to injury.

Post-performance sports massage (or the ‘warm-down treatment’) is a deep stretching of the muscles and flushing out of toxins and waste products.

After a sporting event or heavy training session sports massage helps to bring in fresh blood and nutrients to replenish tired muscles and support recovery.

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Featured Therapist

Sports Therapist

Specialisms: Sports Massage; Injury Rehabilitation; Deep Tissue Massage; Joint Mobilisations; Kinesiology Taping.
Experience: 3 years as a Sports Therapist in the NHS, Physiotherapy Clinics, Professional Sports Clubs & Dance Schools

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As we train our bodies (anything from a marathon to a particularly tough pilates class) we build muscle.

However we don’t always build “flexible” muscle: muscle that is released and pliable. Instead we do all the hard work and end up develop muscular tissues that are hard and inelastic.

This is one reason why not all training results in improvements.
Sports massage can helps reverse this by stretching the muscular fibers and tissues as they develop, leaving you with a body that’s both strong and flexible!

Who's it for?

Sports massage is for everyone, not just athletes.

Whether we compete in sport or not, most of us incur the physical stresses of a job, family life or a busy active lifestyle. So whether you’re an active runner, cyclist or swimmer; play tennis, golf, or regularly attend the gym, the chances are that you would definitely benefit from a sports massage.

Similarly we may develop the same aches and pains through gardening, decorating, driving or just being stuck at a desk for too long.

Whatever the cause, sports massage may well be the solution.

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